Magic Organic

We believe that natural products are the key to health. From the food we eat to the preparations we put on our bodies, purity and wholesomeness are of paramount importance. That’s why all Magic Organic products are guaranteed to contain natural components, rich in nutrients and healthful properties and completely safe for the human body. Whether you’re refuelling with a ‘Kedra’ cedar honey bar, promoting better sleep with one of our cedar-nut pillows, or adding the power of cedar oil to your cooking, when you buy Magic Organic you’re buying the very best that Mother Earth has to offer.


    The Mydetoxdiet plan is a delicious, feelgood, kickstart diet that promises great health benefits whilst aiding weight and inch loss. Detox programmes tend to be associated with bland tasteless foods. In short, they can feel like a chore! Ours, on the other hand, have been developed by German Michelin star chefs. Their taste is unparalleled, making detoxing a delight. Our especially formulated diet programmes consists of calorie-reduced foods that are mainly alkaline, free of animal protein and fat and are almost salt-free. The fresh homemade vegan diet and juice cleanse plans have been designed to alleviate the various stresses that…